Science/Research Support

What is a scientist after all? It is a curious man looking through a keyhole, the keyhole of nature, trying to know what’s going on.”

                  -Jacques-Yves Cousteau

The Magician is a 65’ research support vessel providing support for remote operations up to 100 miles offshore, including: deployment of equipment, marine mammal tagging/surveys, bird banding/surveys, kelp forest surveys, and as a base of operations from Pt. Conception to San Diego.

Onboard research attributes:

• Support of expeditions up to 10 days in duration

• MMO Flybridge w/seating for 3

• 40cfm/3500psi SCUBA airfill capacity

• Nuvair Nitrox membrane system

• Equipment deployment up to 200lbs

• Sediment sampling equipment

• 16’ Otter Trawl Net

• Plankton Net

• Microscope

• 14’ Inflatable support boat

• 65 gal aquarium with livewells

• Optional research support vessel Zodiac (22')

• more vessel info...

Organizations that have used our services:

• Cascadia Research Collective

• Southall Environmental Associates Inc

• NOAA Cetacean Health, Life, & History Program

• USGS-Biological Resources Division

• Reef Check Scientific Divers

• Aquarium of the Pacific

• National Marine Fisheries Sevice / NOAA Divers

• United States Navy

• UC Santa Cruz

• Oregon State University - Hatfield Marine Lab

• NOAA Large Whale Entanglement Response Network

• US Fish and Wildlife Service

• California Institute of Environmental Studies

• AdvantEdge Technology

research drone landing

Research Support