Southern Channel Islands Diving

Dive Destinations

• Santa Catalina Island

• Santa Barbara Island

• San Clemente Island

• San Nicolas Island & Begg Rock

• Palos Verdes Peninsula

• Oil Rigs

Day Dive Trips

Our day trips to Catalina or the Oil Rigs are a great way to dive and still

make it home for dinner. Most of our trips are 3 dives, 12hrs in duration, and

include a hot breakfast, snacks, hot lunch, soft drinks, and airfils.

Overnite Dive Trips to the Outer Islands

Our overnite trips depart during the night and you’ll wake up at the island fresh and ready to dive. We plan on doing 3 dives at our destination, then have a

leisurely ride home. All meals, soft drinks, and air fills are included.

Multi-day/Live Aboard Trips

Live aboard trips are available for up to 10 days. These longer trips allow

us to take our time visiting one island, or even combine 2 or 3 islands

into one trip. All meals, soft drinks, and air fills are included.

Check our schedule.

Nitrox Onboard

Nitrox Discount Cards

We offer onboard Nitrox fills from our Nuvair membrane system. Our system is pre-set to deliver 30.5-32% Nitrox, depending on ambient air temperature. Fills

purchased onboard are $10.00 per fill, or we offer prepaid Nitrox Fill Cards for $75.00 ($7.50 per fill). One Nitrox Card per person.

Buy Nitrox Fills

San Clemente island kelp
Harbor seal kelp forest

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